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Club of Budapest France - Summary Presentation

The mission of the Club de Budapest France (CdBF) is to be a catalyst for the transformation toward a sustainable and thriving world by:
•    enhancing the emergence of a planetary consciousness (as expressed in the Manifesto for a Planetary Consciousness, 1996)
•    interconnecting generations and cultures
•    integrating spirituality, arts and sciences
•    fostering learning communities in and across these domains.
CdBF’s philosophy is based on the observation that the enormous challenges that humanity must now face can only be addressed through the development of a global culture consciousness.

In cooperation with other like-spirited organizations, CdBF is to be a place where people can be inspired and freely develop their individual and collective contribution to this cultural evolution.

•    Gather women and men across generations – who embrace a deep sense of responsibility and perceive the urgency of taking concrete actions – so that new values and priorities can emerge for building a more humane, cohesive, and tolerant future, enabling all of us to live better and more harmoniously together.  
•    Become a source of creative thinking and of cultural, socio-economic, and artistic innovation, with the aim of contributing to a better understanding of the key planetary challenges of today and tomorrow, and to imagine new evolutionary ways.
•    Respect the various sensitivities, cultural differences, and spiritual aspirations, so that each person finds his/her own place in a world that is increasingly global and interdependent.
Our priorities over the next 2 years will be to:
•    Stay at the leading edge of cultural evolution by exploring in concrete terms the implications of acknowledging the existence of the Akashic Field – particularly in the domains of organizational and civic leadership – in response to some of the fundamental needs of the Francophone communities that we serve. Our members will do their best to embody that new paradigm by consciously changing their perspectives and behaviors.

•     Become a model of effective and integral collaborative leadership, both inside and outside the Association. The Executive Committee and Events Teams will capitalize on the unique talents of their members while calling on their collective intelligence and wisdom. Our partnerships with other like-spirited organizations will also operate on the principles of humility, synergy and solidarity. We will be receptive and open to inspiration as well as emissive through the initiatives that we feel we are best able to take.

These objectives and priorities will be pursued through three types of actions:

•    “Evenings among friends” create an open space for reflection and exchanges among presenters, Club de Budapest members and the public at large. Recent themes have included: diversity, consciousness, sustainable development, childhood, well being, imagining, etc.
•    “Integral University one-day sessions” seek to bring together researchers and practitioners in order to trigger a change in paradigm toward more global thinking and inter-disciplinarity, particularly through the integration of arts and culture within each discipline. By combining subjective and objective perspectives – both at the individual and collective level – the integral approach is a global way to view the world. It builds on all sciences and available knowledge – both modern and traditional, western and eastern – as well as on technical, artistic, medical, social, and spiritual practices.    
•    Seeking synergies and collaborating with other associations as well as private and public organizations – oriented toward improving the human condition – in order to produce realistic proposals and to develop actions which enable each person to make a contribution to the mutations of our societies, while respecting the diversity of  peoples and nations, democracy, and individual freedom.

CdBF was founded in September 1997 following the creation of Club of Budapest International in 1993 by philosopher of sciences Ervin Laszlo. As a member of the Club of Rome that brought together prominent personalities in sciences, politics, and economics, he saw clearly that it was necessary to better balance rational thought and intuition, sensitivity, and creativity.
Ervin Laszlo is the Founder and President of the Club of Budapest International which includes 41 Honorary Members such as Yehudi Menuhin, the Dalaï Lama, Mikhaïl Gorbatchev, Vaclav Havel, Elie Wiesel, Edgar Morin, Jean-Pierre Rampal, and Muhammad Yunus.
Honorary Members of the Club de Budapest France include: Marcel Boiteux (EDF, Académie des Sciences Sociales et Morales), Jean-Baptiste de Foucauld (founder of  Solidarités Nouvelles face au Chômage, president of Démocratie & Spiritualité and initiator of the Pacte civique), Thierry Gaudin (president of Prospective 2100), Marise Goldsmith-Dansaert (Mission Europa), Jacques Lesourne (Président of Futuribles), Matthieu Ricard (Buddhist monk, author, engaged in humanitarian programs), Martine Roussel-Adam (founding president of Chemins d’Enfances, president of the Ashoka Fund and of the Investment Committee of Phi Trust Partners).
Creative Members of the Club de Budapest France include: Jean-Eric Aubert (innovation expert, consultant to the World Bank), Gauthier Chapelle (biologist, president of Biomimicry Europa), Danièle Darmouni (coach, International Mozaik), Philippe Desbrosses (pioneer of organic agriculture, founder of Entretiens de Millançay), Sylvie Gendreau (author, founder of the Cahiers de l’Imaginaire), Francis Jutand (scientific director of  Institut Mines-Télécom), Tristan Lecomte (founder of  Alter Eco and of Pur Projet), Bernard Lietar (economist, author, and researcher on money) Anne Malasse-Dambricourt (anthropologist at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris), Jean Staune (researcher, secretary general of Université Interdisciplinaire de Paris), Patrice Van Eersel (journalist, co-founder of Nouvelles Clés), Patrick Viveret (philosopher, co-founder of Dialogues en Humanité).

The leadership team of the Club de Budapest France is composed of:
Anne Andrault, André Copin, Carine Dartiguepeyrou (Vice-President), Yves Fisselier, Bénédicte Fumey, Alain Gauthier (President), Caroline Guidetti, Patrick Marant (Secretary General), Dominique Marty, Michel Nguyen The (Treasurer), Michel Saloff-Coste, Charlotte de Silguy, Sylvaine Scheffer, Gyorgyi Szabo.

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