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The Fuji Declaration - Four Research Studies

Initiators of the Fuji Declaration: Masami Saionji, Ervin Laszlo, Bente Milton and Hiroo Saionji


For a Civilization of Oneness with Diversity on Planet Earth

In the Spring of 2014, The Goi Peace Foundation sought background studies in four spheres (the economy, politics, media, and business) to show how its goals for humanity, as expressed in the Fuji Declaration, at that time provisionally entitled, “AWAKENING THE DIVINE SPARK IN THE SPIRIT OF HUMANITY: For a Civilization of Oneness with Diversity on Planet Earth” can be achieved.

The Declaration points to the possibility of a worldwide shift in consciousness, from materialism-centered sustainability to full-spectrum flourishing.

Four research studies on the implementation of the declaration have been carried out by teams in Denmark, Hungary and US with the help of The Goi Peace Foundation.

Read the four studies on politics, economics, business and the media

General project director Ervin Laszlo created an overview document with an assessment of the findings and the conclusions for their application: 
A report on practical steps for achieving the goal stated in the Declaration