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Club Of Budapest Basque Country

The Basque Club of Budapest is based on values and ethics of the Basque and the willingness of an apolitical unity message.

Among these values:

  • The sense of family and belonging to a family
  • The sense of community identity
  • Adaptability and the spirit of "peaceful explorers" were that Basque fishermen, whalers & first discoverers of Quebec and the Americas
  • The global culture with strong and deep roots inked to EarthEthics under the motto "Hitza Hitz ..." ("one word ...") leading to a renewal of the sacred sense of honor and the given word
  • As a people of shepherds and fishermen: the meaning of the transmission of a culture with its own language and so, concern and willingness to preserve and pass on a legacy
  • Assume and respect its identity and fact, respect differences. On the occasion of the International Symposium of Biarritz 2013, Prof. Laszlo has met its instigator & organizer: Beatrice Bonin; he has taken a liking to her and her disabled daughter Julie and her admiring capacity to transmit humanitarian messages.




Task of the Club Of Budapest Basque:

Propose new paradigms based on applicable Basque values:

  • The world of enterprise micro & macro economy, the concept of wellness business
  • To be outside of his professional life
  • The world of health and well-being of men
  • The world of spirituality
  • Societal, education,
  • Ecology & environment
  • In overall performance: social, societal and economic
  • The world of Art and Culture
  • And the apolitical

By events:

  • In partnership with the 5th International Symposium “Research vanguard & Synergies”, organized by Events Services & Ithurria the Work to be held on 28 & 29 November 2015 (link)
  • Conferences & international conferences scheduled on 2016 & 2017
  • By creating a literary prize
  • By organizing an academic forum, the Art Exhibition and Concerts

By training :

  • Via the Authorized Training Center Ithurria
  • Via the School project Ithurria