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Green Habitat Project

"We are Nature", we are part of this Earth, we must protect it and heal it. Our mantra “I heal my self, I heal the community, I heal the Earth” 

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Green Habitat - Energy Effiecient Solutions + Sustainable Design

by Tania Rodríguez, CEO/Founder at Green Habitat


The world increasingly needs to address environmental issues, which have become a key factor in design. 
Nowadays it is essential that architects and designers make reduce this issues with sustainable designs in their projects and practices. At Green Habitat, we are committed with the environment and the rational use of natural resources. 
Consistent with our design objective/philosophy, we also address how specific sites, locations and climates can contribute to green design. And we use our interdisciplinary skills and those of our consultants to create sustainable solutions


Our philosophy is to develop the project customized to the client needs, through continuousfollow up at all stages of the architecture executive project and under construction, to achieve a successful solution of design, quality, and efficiency in costs and time.
At GREEN HABITAT, we combine skills and different views of different technical specializations, inrelation to project development and construction process. We know that contemporary architecture is committed to meet sustainability and clean energy objectives through sustainable designs, bioclimatic architecture and sustainable construction solutions.