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Being heavily energy dependent, it is not much of a surprise that Europe pays special attention to reducing
the use of fossil fuels. Each one of the ten new member states is characterized by relatively
low per capita energy consumption and relatively low energy efficiency, and the share of
renewables in their energy mix tends to be low, too.

The paper examines the problem, when the policy
measures create a decrease in environmental capital instead of an increase, in this case it hardly
seems justified to talk about environmental protection.
The authors describe a case of a rapeseed oil mill which would not be of too much interest on its own
but given that almost all similar plants went bankrupt, there are some important lessons to learn from
its survival. The enterprise the authors examined aimed at establishing a micro-regional network.
They completed a brown-field development to establish a small plant on the premises of a former
large agricultural cooperative. By partnering with the former employees and suppliers of the sometime
cooperative, they enjoyed some benefits which all the other green-field businesses focusing on
fuel production could not. The project improved food security, energy security and population retention
as well.

Sandor Kerekes