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1st Integral European Conference

Ervin Laszlo keynote presenter Keynote: Integral Consciousness in a Self Actualizing Cosmos

A fundamentally different concept of the nature of cosmos and consciousness is emerging at the cutting edge of the contemporary sciences: it recalls and substantiates some of the basic insight of the great cultural traditions. This "whole system," instantly entangled "nonlocal" cosmos provides the basis for an integral concept of consciousness that likewise recalls some perennial insights. Intuitions of wholeness and integrality are coming back to the contemporary world supported by quantum physics and quantum neuroscience.

"The Emergence of Integral Consciousness in Europe"

The achievement of the European Union represents a remarkable historical, political milestone and led to peace and progress among its member countries. Yet, today the EU is troubled by a series of difficult financial, social, cultural and environmental problems that none of its member states can hope to solve alone or in opposition to each other.
Additionally, the higher order of complexity of the problems calls for a fresh and more comprehensive approach. This is true on the macro-level of nations and the micro-level of individuals, struggling to keep up with an ever-accelerating stream of crisis, conflicts and tensions.

At the same time we are witnessing what could be called the collective emergence of a new level of consciousness. All over Europe single individuals are awakening to a new interior terrain of experience, marked by increased complexity, care and compassion.
Wherever they meet they often feel a mutual resonance and start forming pockets of a new culture and worldview, with new values and perspectives, new skills and behaviors. All of this is following a recognizable pattern that cultural anthropologists like Jean Gebser, developmental psychologists like Susanne Cook-Greuter, or contemporary philosophers like Ken Wilber have described and predicted in great detail.

The aim of the Integral Europe Conference 2014 is to make visible the emergence of Integral Consciousness and Culture in Europe by bringing together the most advanced national integral scholars and practitioners, initiatives, projects and organizations. By showcasing applications in such diverse fields like politics, education, business, leadership, psychology, ecology, spirituality and more, this conference will transcend national, disciplinary and conceptual boundaries in order to inspire, connect and literally create the next wave of cultural unfolding in Europe.

Feel a calling? Join us in Budapest!


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