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The Fuji Declaration Launch Event Video

The Fuji Declaration Launch Event

The Fuji Declaration is an invitation to people from all nations and walks of life to join in a commonality of purpose beyond borders. And most of all, The Fuji Declaration is a call to consciously evolve with each other and with nature to bring that new world into being.

Live on 2015 May 17th:

Broadcast time

Tokyo JPN 10:15AM Sunday 17 MAY 2015
Delhi India 06:45 AM  Sunday 17 MAY 2015
London UK 01:15 AM  Sunday 17 MAY 2015
New York USA 9:15PM  Saturday 16 MAY 2015

As one of the three initiators of the Fuji Declaration, Dr. Laszlo gives a brief introduction of the declaration and its significance at this time in human history. He explains that the ideals of unity and diversity are the two most important factors in bringing about a healthy evolution. He further elucidates that human evolution can only be sustainable if the two elements of unity and diversity cooperate in unison much like the organs of the human body. Dr. Laszlo concludes by saying that we are all conscious species and that it is our birthright to give expression to the divine spark within us which is at the core of the Fuji Declaration. The divine spark is becoming conscious of itself, conscious of the world and ignites a conscious evolution toward oneness in diversity.

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