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The Choral Tales Project

The Choral Tales Project's members and Ludwig Tuman (artistic director and composer) are honored to welcome Dr. Ervin Laszlo to the Board of Advisers. The Advisory Board provides active guidance to the Choral Tales Project in matters relating to Culture, History, Artistic Production, Promotion, and Finance.

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Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, the author of 70 books, and a tireless promoter of a new global consciousness, Dr. Laszlo is one of the great renaissance thinkers of our times. 

He is generally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory.  Dr. Laszlo is an adviser to the UNESCO Director General, an ambassador of the International Delphic Council, and a member of the International Academy of Science, the World Academy of Art and Science, and the International Academy of Philosophy.  He holds the highest degree in philosophy and human sciences from the Sorbonne, the University of Paris. 

Dr. Laszlo is also the founder and head of the Club of Budapest, an international platform dedicated to facilitating and providing direction to a global shift toward a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.  His regard for the Choral Tales Project arises not only from a shared perspective of humanity as one family, but also from his belief in the potency of the arts and his background as a classical musician.  Dr. Laszlo has been an acclaimed international pianist, with six volumes of recordings to his name.  We are grateful for the wisdom he brings to the Choral Tales Project.


Why it Matters from Choral Tales Project on Vimeo.