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Empower Journal

Empower Journal - Integral Theory in Action

The members of both The Club of Budapest Americas and The Memnosyne Institute will be curating "Empower" Journal with the focus on highlighting the pragmatic, yet visionary steps people all over the world are taking to empower humanity as it faces challenges in an ever more interconnected world.

The Club of Budapest - Americas (COBA) and The Memnosyne Foundation are in the midst of beginning to get their "Empower Journal" available online. The first issue is free and can now be viewed! The journal will be made available soon on all types of internet related technology as well. (However, they are currently researching for a way to make the printing costs more affordable so they can also send the magazine out to independent bookstores. If any of you have any resources/suggestions, please write to them and let them know!)

Congratulations again to those who made such impressive contributions in the first issue and/or who were spotlighted/profiled or included in the "Quotes From Integral Leaders" section! (Jonah Wittkamper, Adam Apollo Amorastreya, Nassim Haramein, Todd Collier, Coke Buchanan, Ervin Laszlo, David Woolfson, Tania Rodriguez, Michael Gosney, Don Edward Beck, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Thomas Friedman, etc.)
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